Green Building

Green building is more than just a buzzword or a checklist. It is a conscious decision to incorporate quality building practices that promote sustainability and make a home healthier and more efficient while being kind to the environment. 

Rule #1 … the most important place to invest your ‘green’ dollars is on building design and construction as opposed to ‘green products.’  The key to sustainability is a well crafted, structurally sound frame and envelope.  Long term energy efficiency is further achieved through proper insulation, installation of energy-efficient windows and exterior doors, the orientation of the structure on the lot, and an HVAC system which can cool and heat efficiently while also bringing fresh air into the home and controlling humidity.  While some green technologies come with hefty upfront price tags, this approach is more about attention to detail and will not significantly increase the cost of construction.   

Many Ashley homes incorporate tankless water heaters, BIBS insulation, low-E windows and doors, solar panels, geothermal ground loop HVAC systems, low VOC paint, low formaldehyde cabinets, recycled wood flooring and other green products and technologies.  New energy-saving, environmentally-friendly products hit the market every day.  Many are easily affordable, while others need to be evaluated in terms of up-front costs versus the potential for return on your investment.  

The professionals at Ashley can help you evaluate and select the best products and technologies for your project based on your specific goals, priorities and budget.

Baltimore Green Building

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